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Side note (Feb 2015): unfortunately I some how managed to delete most of the photos in my blogs. I have updated the gallery at the end but some of the blog posts are gone.

26 July 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 7

Full view, not sure where to go next but am thinking I'm glad I left the background till last so I can clean up the edges...looking very messy now.  

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 6

After seeing how the paint dried i decide to layer some light colour in, almost rubbing it in with my fingers concentrating more on the areas that have dried thin.  For some reason I started with Violet...then had a 'oops' moment but after adding a few more colours I actually don't mind it.


25 July 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 5

Leaves and body done. Tried to take pics to show the texture (although they are blurry and shiny cos the paints still wet). You can still see the texture of the leaves through the body from where the glue dried....which was the intention. Not sure about the background yet.

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 4

Time for some finger painting. Yep straight out of the tube following the basic direction of the lines.
Just used bright colors for the base but will layer some darker colors on top later. Have left the paint thick in places to give it more texture.  Not so concerned about sharp lines, just shapes, texture and flow of the paint.

19 July 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 3

In order to give the leaves some texture I have spread PVA glue on the areas where the leaves will be with my fingers. I would have prefers plaster or I'm sure there is something fancier out there but we use what we have:) I haven't used it this way before so will be interesting to see how the paint covers it.

Work I'm progress 'inspired by autumn' 2

Very rough scetch on canvas of the iPad scetch from the other day. I actually like the lines and shaped better on the iPad but we'll see where it goes.

18 July 2015

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' final

The varnish dried quite quick so they are done. Yeh! I decided to add loops on the string so I can hang the cubes but be able to take the string on and off easy.
I'll put a final photo in the gallery section.

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' 7

Finally a sunny day in Melbourne....ok it's still cold but at least I can varnish the cubes.
Tip, don't inhale and close the balcony door properly:)

17 July 2015

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' 6

3 cubes ready to varnish.........as soon as I can find a night where it's not raining or freezing so I can go on the balcony and actually varnish them:)

16 July 2015

Work in progress 'inspired by autumn' 1

While I wait for the sun to come out so I can varnish the twig sculpture, I was inspired to scetch the following picture on my iPad. I'm thinking of somehow turning into a painting but with some texture in the leaves......will see what happens.

12 July 2015

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' 5

A cold wet winters day in Melbourne and the last two cubes are done, the leaves propt up to dry in place while I brave the cold to watch Some like it Hot at the Astor theatre:)

11 July 2015

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' 4

Well the 'strong hold' glue I used was not quite so strong. Back to good old PVA glue.

07 July 2015

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' 3

Making the leaf look like its floating didn't quite work. Instead I have used a little bit of glue to glue the leaf stem to the twig frame.....and now a delicate balancing act to prop the leaf so it dries in the right position, cos I am so not holding it still for 30min or so.  Let's hope the glue holds.

06 July 2015

Work in progress 'Twig sculpture' 2

Inspiration hit, (when I was at work of course) to create three cubes out of twigs and suspend the dried leaves in the middle to make them look like they are floating and ‘frozen in time’……….and not destroy the leaves in the process.

A gloss varnish might work also……….mmm.

05 July 2015

Work in progress 'twig sculpture' 1

My first work in progress sculpture, actually my first sculpture in years. I collected twigs and dried leaves and have so far constructed one cube.......which a month later has not progressed. What to do next?