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29 July 2014

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' final

And its done. Am happier with it now. Once its dry I'll take a better pic and put it in the gallery section.

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' 6

Outline complete. Yesterday I wasn't sure if I liked it as its much more abstract than I usually paint. But today I like it more, and the fact that's its on three panels. If you look at each panel individually you can't make out the figure but together the image comes together. Time too 'clean up' the lines and colours a bit.

27 July 2014

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' 5

And now the background....time to wait for it to dry....though not quite how'll I'll do the next part.

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' 4

I decided to do the painting as a triptic and do some rough blocking of where the figure will be. For some reason I paint most naked figures in blue, maybe cos I never mastered the art of painting skin colour.

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' 3

Am thinking of going another way? Enough sketching, time to pull out the canvas and see what happens.

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' 2

Can't decide if she will be dressed or not? Guess it will come to me when I start painting.

Work in progress 'smooth jazz' 1

Yes it's been a LONG time since I've posted....or painted and I've been inspired this week while napping on the couch to jazz music.  This my first study.