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11 February 2018

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' final again

I don't often touch a painting once it's finished and signed but I had a look at this with fresh eyes todays and decided it needed a bit more.....  a touch of blue and gold dots in the top corners, feels like it balances the larger circles on the left. 

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' final

Apparently I wasn't completely done with the layers, so a bit more gold and now yeh, done.

Light's not the best at 1am so will try and take a better pic in the daylight for the gallery section.  Still not sure of a name though, will have to sit with it for a while.  For now, night night.

10 February 2018

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' 7

Lots of progress today, the warm weather helping it dry quicker and having a 'me' day helps.

I felt some of the colours needed to be sharpened so back with the gold, blue, while, yellow and brown.

So after going bank of forth on the thought of 'cleaning' up sections because they looked muddy, i just did it so back with the blue and i'm finally happy the layers are done......

09 February 2018

Work in progress ‘Untitled abstract ‘ 6

I felt for a little while I was forcing this painting a little, trying to capture the same style as an earlier painting ‘the beach’ (see if you can spot it in Instagram). After meditating I feel I’m back, painting by feeling which I enjoy way more than painting to make something look a certain way....

....and I'm feeling white stripes, and the block colour 'daylight' has almost disappeared.

Work in progress 'Untitled abstract' 5

The trick is knowing when to stop and not paint the whole canvas blue again..... mmmm might need to add some gold back when it dries.

08 February 2018

Work in progress 'untitled abstract' 4

Slow progress so far, had a brief and rare "why bother " moment followed soon by the reminder that painting brings me joy.   

Oh and i forgot to take a pic after i added the brown and before the yellow but you can still see the steps.

05 February 2018

Work in progress 'untitled abstract' 3

So I skipped a step and forgot to block in some colour.   A layer of something called 'daylight' (which may have been a mistake, it's almost white) and a couple of coats of gold later we are back on track.

04 February 2018